Saturday, 18 November 2006

Toggle - 2.75" x 1.75" and 1" deep

The core is foam, covered with a soft jersey fabric, then some of my dyed silk. I embroidered the silk with free machine zigzag stitch in 'stretched out spring' shapes. I then stitched the two together with two orange wooden beads (I painted these) and added seed beads for more interest.

Composite button: 2.5" dia.

I used a wooden curtain pole ring, padded it, and wrapped it with strips of dyed fabric and some of my dyed threads. I left the metal 'screw eye' in the ring to form a shank. The centre is a wooden bead, covered with a silk 'Suffolk Puff' - I have stitched this to the outer ring.

Composite bead toggle: 1.25" long

I painted some wooden beads and wrapped the larger one with some of my dyed viscose thread. Used this thread to secure two smaller orange beads, and finished by tying thread to form 'shank'.

Composite triangular button: 1.25" x 0.75" h.

Two triangle shapes made from egg pulp, covered with polycotton which I dyed, printed and free machine embroidered with spiralling whipstitch. The top triangle has many layers of stitching to create texture.

Square button: 3.25" sq.

A square button, using egg pulp and padding for the core. I covered this with fabric which I had printed and free-machine embroidered in various spiralling lines. I originally intended to use this as the base for a composite button, but it has inspired a design for a bag!