Friday, 29 June 2007

Bead sampler

The bead sampler is mounted on cartridge paper, which I dyed turquoise. You can see how I have attached the page to the dowel, so that this can hang in my display stand.

Module 3 - Man Made Spirals

We were asked to look at spirals in man made structures. I wanted to display my work in a different way for this module. I had used display books for Module 1, and bound my work for Module 2 using a comb binder. I designed this display stand - it is made of MDF which I have painted turquoise. Each page is suspended on the two side rails. There is one centre rail at the base to give the stand stability. My tassels are displayed on a spiral stand and my buttons and toggles will be in a box. The lid of this box will be my resolved sample.

Tassels and stand

The stand is made from cardboard tubes, with a wooden base, painted turquoise. The orange top is made of paper, spiralling round into a ball shape. The tassels are hanging on wooden craft sticks, which I trimmed to various lengths, notched, and dyed orange. The sticks spiral up the cardboard tube.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Development of Triangle Samples

Securing cords on Soluthick dissolvable fabric with free machine zigzag stitch.
Samples before dissolving. Note spiral stitching on lower left sample does not have enough 'spokes' to support the free machine straight stitching when Soluthick is dissolved.
Samples now with Soluthick dissolved. RH sample is two triangles, one placed over one slightly larger.