Friday, 14 June 2013

Module 6 Wallhanging completed

I've had confirmation from Sian that I have now completed Module 6 and the Certificate.  Wow - at last!
Here is a photo of my finished wallhanging.  The theme I chose was conservation of water.
'No Rain Today'
Here is the supporting design work:

And some detail photos:
'Drip, Drop'

Those of you who were at Summer School last year will recognise a technique learned with Sandra Meech - using printed black and white images and adding colour, then stitch.  I used this to create my quilted background.  Dense machine stitching creates the wavy effect in the reservoir motifs.

What next?  Another challenge:
When adding colour to the background I used masks:

You can see in this photo that I have already removed one mask and another is partly lifted from the background.  This is what happened after:

I immediately linked this back to my Washburn Wild Water design:
So next I shall consider what technique to use to produce this 3D interpretation of wild water ....