Friday, 12 November 2010

Texture in Landscape Resolved Sample

I've finally reached the end of Module 5. Here is my final piece based on the theme of Woodland, Forests, Bark. My inspiration for this piece came from a photo of the bark of a carob tree. Lots of hand stitching in this one.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

I've come a long way ...

I was asked by my branch of Embroiderers Guild to display my City & Guilds Certificate work at our annual exhibition in Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire. My work was shown along side Harrogate College City & Guilds students work. A lot of interest was shown in Distant Stitch. In the photo above you can see my Foundation Module (bottom left); book cover based on Module 1 design work (bottom right); counterchange/interchange Module One (centre); tassels arranged on a spiral stand (Module 3); colour study and abstract design from Summer School 2003 (centre upright against wall); and at the top of the photo my resolved spiral sample for Module 3.

At the left of this photo you can see the stand I designed to display my module 3 samples. At the front of the picture is my Module 5 Texture in Landscape book of samples. Top right you can see my FWD from Module 1 for a book cover. The other books are my Module 2 work. Then moving to the right ...

I displayed my functional 3D item from Module 2 - my fly swatter shoulder bag. I didn't have enough space on one table to display all my work, so across the other side of the room I placed my Module 1 Growth and Disintegration resolved sample; and my Module 4 book with its embroidered panel:

Friday, 9 July 2010

Summer School 2010

Selective Contradiction

Consider not analysing:

However, chewing this over the red roses on the stableyard wall continue the curving diagonal line from the small red fragments through the bold red square, moving up from bottom left to top right.
The red bricks of the wall echo the bold red block.