Thursday, 23 July 2009


Yes, I went off on a tangent after last year's summer school, and pursued my Creative Dialogue with my husband, David. Sian approved this for progressing my Module 4, but I stalled when I had to come up with more technical solutions. However, I have now finished the piece and I thought those who have been to this year's summer school may like to see it. Here it is:

The Creative Dialogue started with David making a three-legged, three-pronged coat stand. The shape of the top of the coat stand inspired me to design a 'bowl' using soluble fabric. This shape then developed into a larger version of the frame shown above, for a table. David made this smaller version so that my design could hang through the centre of the frame. I made a paper pattern for the bowl and I started with stitching a grid (Module 4).

I wanted to create interaction between the three sides of the bowl - creating interesting negative spaces.