Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 4 - a personal background

I hunted through the few magazines I had here, and found a jumper to illustrate how I felt last week when starting to draw.

Even though I had crumpled the pic, my fine line fibre tip pen slid across the surface - an interesting drawing experience after using pencils so much.

I attempted both Day 3 and Day 4 today. I've found other pics which I will add to my sketchbook before I continue drawing.

BTW I was watching BBC Four "The Art of Cornwall" yesterday and heard Peter Lanyon say, "you throw yourself off the cliff every time you start and you've got to fly, swim, duck or something and come out the other end." So reassuring ......
If you missed the programme it's really worth catching it on IPlayer.


JaneO said...

I like your idea for a background, it sums up how we so often feel starting a new task.

JaneO said...
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