Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer Sketchbook Challenge

I got off to a good start the first weekend, using herb tea and Yorkshire tea to colour the pages of my sketchbook. However, my first drawing day was last Thursday morning. I chose a plum from my bowl of fruit. Unfortunately my camera is not working at the moment, and rather than wait to sort out another camera, I decided to scan the pages of my sketchbook and upload what I have achieved so far.

My son spent some time with me, eating his breakfast at the same table, whilst I was drawing. He has a natural talent for drawing and is very good at explaining techniques. He doesn't understand why I don't have the same knowledge. (I was allowed to choose only one craft/art subject at school so I chose needlework and gave up art lessons at 14 yrs old :-(( ).

I explained to him that picking up a pencil and starting to draw in my sketchbook felt like standing on the edge of a cliff ready to make the first step off when abseiling (yes, I have done that!). He suggested 'working large' and making grid marks to guide my positioning on the page. He then gave me a lesson in which pencils to use when shading, hence this tonal sketch.

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